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Pet Swap, packages for pets, They love mail too!
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The purpose of this community is to trade packages of goodies like treats, toys, and any other pet related items in the mail. You will be assigned a partner and exchange information with them about yourself and your pet. There will be a monthly swap and possibly some themed swaps as well. The main idea is to have fun!

*After joining, please take a minute to fill out this information and email it to me at swapsforpets@gmail.com with pet swap in the subject line, I will then add it to a database.*

* livejournal username:
* email address:
* Mailing Address:
* Are you willing to swap internationally?:

* pet name:
* pet type(dog, cat, etc.):
* pet size(for collars, clothing, etc):
* pet likes/dislikes:
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