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Shrimpy [userpic]
Pet photos
by Shrimpy (gracefulshrimp)
at November 9th, 2008 (10:22 pm)

Though I would link to some pet photos of the pooches and kitties.

This is Kayden
http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2998348396/ we got him a sweatshirt to slow the cold
one with kayden and our mama kitty http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2465439677/
goofy tongue http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2457159077/

Stewart and Kayden http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2832270510/
glowy eyes stew http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2466280778/
stew and Hugh- our boy cat http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/241217011/
and my FAVORITE stewart photo http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/302466260/

our princess girl Molly http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/2457983770/
another photo of Hugh: he goes into the crates by himself: http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/252049663/

Tommy: she is our feral kitcat (thought she was a boy, hence the name. but no all girl)
http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/246048769/ and antoher http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/230530813/

a silly photo of tommy with our uber-shy siamese Liza http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/230525974/
and a glowy closeup of Liz. http://flickr.com/photos/gracefulshrimp/230526183/

So 2 dogs, Kayden and Stewart
5 cats, Liz, Tommy, Mama, Molly and Hugh. Mama was a stray, and is Molly's mom. Liz was my mom's cat but LOVES hugh so we had to take her with us, and tommy was a feral that was brought inside.

lets see YOUR pets!


Posted by: Shannon (classiestkid)
Posted at: November 15th, 2008 05:42 pm (UTC)


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Posted by: Shannon (classiestkid)
Posted at: November 23rd, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Rigby

yup, corgi =D

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